My Favorite Actor

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Learning of Liams drive to change his life by becoming a pornographer, Francisco reunites with his childhood friend to document his exploits. With violence and addictions barring Liam from his dreams and obligations, Francisco tries to find his rightful place in his life as friend, filmmaker, or if possible, both- but what does it mean when neither are possible?


Liam Riley and Francisco Bello grew up making films together as kids.

Ten years after their initial collaborations, much has changed in their lives. While Francisco has pursued a career as a filmmaker, Liam struggles helping on-again off-again girlfriend Chrissy raise their son, Joe.

When he discovers his calling as a pornographer, Francisco hopes Liam is finally on the path to seizing control of his life.

Francisco reunites with his old friend expecting to document his exploits, but instead stumbles upon the reality barring Liam from his dreams and obligations as a father: his escalating drug addiction. As he probes deeper into Liams life and Chrissy implores for help, Francisco is forced to confront not just the inevitability of Liams downward spiral, but also the conflict between his responsibilities as a friend and his own ambitions as a filmmaker.

At first, Francisco thinks his film can somehow help Liam. While he digs into Liam’s past, interviewing family and friends in an effort to figure out what went wrong in his life, Francisco documents he and Chrissy rallying support amongst those closest to Liam, hopefully building towards an intervention. Unfortunately, Liam uncovers their intentions and lashes out against them, accusing Francisco of violating his trust.

When Liam lashes out against Franciscos threat of an intervention, a line is crossed that will put their friendship to the ultimate test. Soon enough Liam and Chrissys new son Liam Jr., is born, just as Francisco prepares to let go of both his film and his fruitless efforts to save his friend’s life, Liam breaks their remaining ties when he admits that for much of the film he was “playing the part” of a would-be pornographer, not just to rekindle their friendship as Francisco also hoped his film would, but fearful of disappointing his friend when he would finally discover the capriciousness of Liam’s admission.

When a sudden compromise sufficiently appeases Liam to let Francisco finish shooting his film, the costs are much greater than either would have ever expected.

Incorporating real verite scenes both intimate and dramatic with the films Liam and Francisco made together growing up, “My Favorite Actor” is a fast-paced, unrelenting 55-minute film, interweaving fiction and documentary into a journey between friends whose bond was solidified, and maybe ultimately destroyed, by their work together as partners in filmmaking.


Writer, Producer, Director, Camera: Francisco Bello

Co-Writer, Editor: Matthew Toder

Additional Camera and Sound: Nelson Figallo, Pedro Gonzalez

Program Advisors: Hugo Perez, Beni Matias

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