Dreaming Against the World

Announcing the DREAMING AGAINST THE WORLD Festival Premiere at the 2015 Telluride Film Festival
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Trailer: “Dreaming Against the World” from Ropa Vieja Films on Vimeo.

DREAMING AGAINST THE WORLD tells the story of Mu Xin, one of the most original yet largely unknown artists of the 20th century.

While illegally imprisoned during China’s Cultural Revolution, Mu Xin risked his life to write and paint. If caught he risked execution, but it was against these perilous odds that Mu Xin created an astonishing body of work that merged East and West, the ancient and the modern, terror and transcendence.

It was through his artistic faith that he survived, while so many others did not.

A documentary portrait filmed on location in China and New York by OSCAR® Nominated filmmakers Tim Sternberg and Francisco Bello, DREAMING AGAINST THE WORLD is the story of Mu Xin and his incredible commitment to his artistic vision.

Featuring: Mu Xin, Chen Danqing
Running Time: 35 Minutes
In Chinese with English Subtitles
World Premiere: April 23, 2015, 6:30pm at Asia Society in New York City

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Written, Produced and Directed by:
Francisco Bello, Tim Sternberg

Executive Producers:
Frederick L. Gordon, Scott Mosier

Tim Sternberg

Documentary Camera:
Francisco Bello

Recreations Actors:
Alex Fox, Chris Ignacio, Fenton Li

Recreations Camera:   
Christopher L Walters

Recreations Production Design:
David Dean Ebert

Original Music:            
Max Avery Lichtenstein

Sound Edited by:
Jacob Ribicoff

Sound Mixed by:
Dan Brennan, Jacob Ribicoff

DREAMING AGAINST THE WORLD is made possible by the generous support of the Tribeca Film Institute, Vital Projects Fund, Moving Picture institute, Queens Council on the Arts, and the Rosenkranz Foundation.

DREAMING AGAINST THE WORLD, © 2015 Half Mile Hill Productions, All rights reserved.

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