Director's Statement

Director’s Statement

As the director of the Oscar nominated short SALIM BABA I am ecstatic that it has received the nomination. Since the nomination there has been a number of articles on the internet spreading incorrect information about us and our relationship with Mr. Salim Muhammad.

We would like to point out that the original article in the Calcutta Telegraph, posted on January 25th, is filled with falsehoods. On the issue of payment there never has been any confusion between Mr. Muhammad, our subject, and us. Everyone agreed upon a sum that was paid during filming. As is the standard practice on documentary or narrative film shoots, Mr. Muhammad signed a release form before we started filming. We only had the money to shoot for four and a half days and the remaining year and a half’s work we have put into finishing the film has been almost entirely self-funded.

We are sad that the spreading of absolutely wrong information could be hurtful for our film and for Mr. Salim Muhammad, who we were touched and honored to make our film about.

If you have any further questions you can reach our producer, Raja Dey, at the following email address: mailto:rajadey1@gmail.com

Thank You,
Tim Sternberg
Director, “Salim Baba”

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